“As one of the most prestigious resorts in the world, our customers demand the very best and that’s why we chose Advanced Microderm.”
L. Meinhofer, Spa Director – Ritz Carlton

“With all the health concerns surrounding aluminum oxide, I can’t imagine a medical professional choosing to use it for microdermabrasion, sodium bicarb is all-natural and a much more effective way to abrade the skin.”
B. Mionet, Medical Esthetician – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Centre

“We looked at all options and in the end realized that baking soda is the most gentle yet effective way to abrade the skin. We wouldn’t entrust our clients’ skin with anything else.”
J. Kolb, Wellness Business Director – Kohler Co.

“I have incorporated the use of Advanced Microderm’s DX system into my scar revision procedures because of the excellent results it provides. It’s a wonderful system.”
Dr. S. Harwani, MD – Universal Aesthetics

“We researched many microdermabrasion systems before purchasing and have been very happy with Advanced Microderm as our final choice.”
Dr. C. Hughes, MD, FACS – Indianapolis Institute of Plastic Surgery

“Being a cutting edge aesthetic training institution, we must train our students on the very best equipment and that’s why we use Advanced Microderm.”
J. Griebel, Esthetician & Trainer – Capri College

“I’ve been using the Advanced Microderm system for years without a single issue. It’s simply the most reliable equipment we own.”
C. Angelone, Owner – Skin Tonic

“I bought my system from Advanced Microderm in the 90’s and was so impressed with the quality, and perhaps more importantly the people, that I now work for them.”
C. Liston, R.N. since 1989

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