Your Skin Care Partner

From our first day of business we based our philosophy on a single principle: offer our clients the very best esthetic products. By staying true to this principle, we have grown to become one of the premier providers of esthetic products and services in America. We are proud to offer you world-class products, exceptional industry expertise and unsurpassed client care.

We have three core objectives:

Always do what’s best for our clients
We collaborate closely with you to develop and manufacture products that can help grow your business. Rest assured we will consistently deliver the right product to you at the right price whether we personally manufacture it or act as the distributor.

Always offer superior products
We stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies so we can be the first to offer you innovative products and services from the top esthetic names in the industry. Superior product quality and client service are extremely important to us and we strive to maintain that commitment with every order.

Always be a trusted advisor
We are always increasing our knowledge and experience to properly advise you about the ideal products and services for your business. We will do everything we can so you can stay focused on your top priority–your clients’ satisfaction.