MX™ Microdermabrasion Machine

Our MX™ microdermabrasion machine provides unmatched power and performance for the spa or medical practitioner who is primarily concerned with treating the face and neck. Each system is hand-built to medical-grade standards, using only the finest quality materials available. The MX™ includes a storage cabinet for easy mobility, or, if desired, the system can be quickly separated from the cabinet for countertop use.

Our three-mode MX™ system enables you to choose among a crystal treatment, crystal-free treatment or a treatment using the crystals and diamond tip simultaneously for a more aggressive abrasion. The MX™ can also be quickly adapted to accommodate any client’s or operator’s preference.

Other advantages of the MX™ system include:

  • Ability to personalize your clients treatment with:
    • Precise control of desired vacuum/suction level
    • Precise control of desired crystal quantity
    • Choice of various diamond tips
  • Lightweight aluminum hand piece
  • Support rod to eliminate hand and arm fatigue
  • Locking key for security
  • Anti-clog guarantee
  • Five-year warranty option
  • Free overnight loaner

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