DX™ Microdermabrasion Machine with One-Touch Turbo™

Our top-of-the-line DX™ microdermabrasion machine offers more versatility and functionality than any other system. No area of the body is too big and no skin type is too challenging for this machine. Each system is hand-built to medical-grade standards using only the finest quality materials available.

The five-mode DX™ system enables you to choose among a crystal treatment, a crystal-free treatment or a treatment using the crystals and diamond tip simultaneously for a more aggressive abrasion. Activate the One-Touch Turbo™ and you can produce results no other system can duplicate.

Our revolutionary One-Touch Turbo™ provides additional power at your fingertips by significantly accelerating the crystal flow. This technology enables you to perform a more aggressive treatment without having to use unnecessarily high vacuum/suction levels. Simply press the button on the hand piece and you instantly have up to three times more intensity for producing amazing results on the hands, arms, back and décolleté. You now have the ability to perform scar revisions and acne treatments with better results, which translates to more revenue for your business.

Other advantages of the DX™system include:

  • Ability to personalize your clients treatment with:
    • Precise control of desired vacuum/suction level
    • Precise control of desired crystal quantity
    • Precise control of turbo pressure
    • Choice of various diamond tips
  • Lightweight aluminum hand piece
  • Support rod to eliminate hand and arm fatigue
  • Locking key for security
  • Anti-clog guarantee
  • 10-year warranty option
  • Free overnight loaner

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