DiamaSmooth Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion

The DIAMAsmooth™ Exfoliation System is a 100% crystal-free microdermabrasion system. Our stainless steel diamond tips are specially coated with a thin layer of real diamonds to allow for unparalleled, crystal-free treatments. Choose your tip, set your desired vacuum level and you are ready to perform a safe and effective abrasion on any skin type.

The exfoliation process rejuvenates the skin by removing the upper layer of the epidermis and stimulating the production of new skin cells. The final result is firmer, more youthful looking skin over time. A series of treatments will dramatically improve the appearance of fine lines, acne, age/sun spots, and uneven skin tone.

The DIAMAsmooth™ boasts important features such as compact & lightweight without sacrificing quality or performance. The system comes with everything that you need to start performing treatments and includes a 1-year manufacture warranty covering both parts & labor.

DIAMAsmooth Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion SystemDiamond Tips